Jul 24

Adding Static/Dismissible Admin Notifications to WordPress


As a WordPress themes and plugins developer, I often need to communicate with the users and let them know if there are additional steps that they need to take. After the theme or plugin installation process has finished, I might be asking them to create a twitter app to activate our Twitter Feed plugin, or to install a newer version of PHP if the current one is too old.

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Yoav Kadosh | July 24, 2016
May 4

Twitter Feed Media Examples

Twitter Feed plugin for WordPress

Twitter Feed supports 4 different media types: Images, Animated GIFs, YouTube videos and Vines. Embedded media is designed to be responsive and fit tweet’s width. You can also select whether to expand the media by default, or show a “Show Media” button that the user can click to manually expand it. Continue Reading…

Yoav Kadosh | May 4, 2016
Apr 3

How to Manually Install WordPress on your Server

Manually installing WordPress on your server

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that is considered as the most popular blogging platform. Aside from that, WordPress is also popular for its simple 5-minute installation process. Most web hosts offer tools like Softaculous that can install WordPress automatically on your server. However, if your server does not offer such a service, or if you simply enjoy some manual labor, the following guide can help you.

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Yoav Kadosh | April 3, 2016
Jul 15

Twitter Feed Resource Example

Twitter Feed plugin for WordPress

The following is a live test of the different Twitter Resources that Twitter Feed supports. Currently, 8 different resources are supported in the commercial version, and more resources will be added in the near future.

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Yoav Kadosh | July 15, 2015
Mar 17

Twitter Feed Shortcodes & Skins Example

Twitter Feed plugin for WordPress

The following is a live example of our plugin Twitter Feed in action. Here you can see how all the shortcodes (3 of them) work, and how all the skins (5 of them, as of now) look. You can also see the widget in action on the right sidebar.

Twitter Feed features 3 different tweet displaying types: static, scrolling & sliding. The following examples show how the different display types appear visually with the various available tweet skins.

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Yoav Kadosh | March 17, 2015
Jan 23

How to Create a Twitter Application

Twitter Feed plugin for WordPress

The following tutorial will guide you through the process if creating a Twitter Application and using its tokens with our Twitter Feed plugin for WordPress. Once you have created a Twitter application, you can use its tokens to allow Twitter Feed to make authenticated requests to the Twitter API.

Twitter Feed uses Twitter REST API 1.1 to interact with Twitter.com. Twitter’s API version 1.1 (as opposed to version 1.0) requires authentication in order to return data to the requesting server. To make an authenticated connection, one must create a Twitter app and use the app’s access tokens when making authenticated connections to Twitter.com

Do not share the generated tokens with anyone. If you do, they will be able to make authenticated requests to Twitter API on your behalf, using up the resources that Twitter allocated for you. Twitter Feed stores the tokens you provide on your local database and does not share it with anyone else.

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Yoav Kadosh | January 23, 2014