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Twitter Feed Resource Example

Twitter Feed plugin for WordPress

The following is a live test of the different Twitter Resources that Twitter Feed supports. Currently, 8 different resources are supported in the commercial version, and more resources will be added in the near future.

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For the user: google

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A historically Black university, @HowardU has been a foundational landmark in educating key figures throughout Amer… t.co/BzBtTAcSHU

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@TerriIrwin Thank you for sharing these wonderful memories of Steve with us, Terri. t.co/CQ1IMh11fK

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@RobertIrwin Thank you, Robert! We're so glad to celebrate your dad on our homepage today.

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For the user: IBM

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Security News Bot

Photon OS #2.0: Binutils PHSA-2018-2.0-0058 t.co/w9GoKbdJD7 #Nessus

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Evan Kirstel at #MWC19

BrandPost: You’ve Migrated to the Cloud, Now What? t.co/BRIgQlL97C

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Digital Trends

This machine pets your dog for you.

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For the user: AskupaSoftware

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Audio Times

@AskupaSoftware Except that you don't support the plugin!

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Audio Times

@AskupaSoftware @WPAllClub Except that you don't support the plug-in!

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Audio Times

@AskupaSoftware Great plug in but you don't reply to my many attempts to get tech support. How can I actually get a response?

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Audio Times

@AskupaSoftware I have tried a number of times to get tech support for the pro version of Twitter Feed but I never… t.co/qnHM9nuFol

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Author Michael Stone

PHP Settings - Easily edit you local php.ini settings in #wordpress t.co/xYZcfqLfoN via @AskupaSoftware


The list WordPress Experts by the user @wpbeginner

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WordPress Beginner

WPBeginner Glossary: What is a Theme Editor in #WordPress - t.co/z1EPltHOZU

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Post Status

Did you know @webdevstudios is hiring for a Backend Engineering position? It’s full time and remote. Check it out a… t.co/TfDvx90Kgv

Retweeted by Brad Williams
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Random Friday thought. SWOT: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats. Should be changed to…. SCOT: Streng… t.co/tqYv8x5eIW

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Brad Williams

Love seeing all the @Raiders love in LA!

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Chris Coyier

Do I know anyone at @Cypress_io? I'd love to show someone our testing and figure out ways past our pain points.


Search results for the query: #wordpress #php

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#php #WordPress Branching out: an interview with Peter Suhm t.co/yPXm2LxBxD

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Catchy Domain Names

t.co/alvo8dGTy5 is For Sale #Brazil #Brasil #UX #UI #nodejs #clojure #perl #reactjs #angularjs #jqueryt.co/3xMJsqiexJ

Retweeted by Ashot Nalbandyan


A list of tweets favorited by the authenticated user, askupasoftware

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Just discovered that Enscouto is a featured project on the @EnvatoMarket front page! t.co/WHLij1qrVM Thanks @envato

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Abu Ashraf Masnun

@AskupaSoftware I really love the plugin. Any ideas when Kotlin support might be added?

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@AskupaSoftware Your website link in Twitter Feed 2.1.11 is broken. It goes to t.co/4IW4aAN9Xu .. Figured y… t.co/Mq8dFUvoKo

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Askupa Software

11 Essential Checks Before Lunching Your WordPress Site t.co/4eRxKqnahQ

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Askupa Software

Good job @wordfence for discovering a hack that would've affected 27% of the Web via WordPress Auto-Update t.co/IAZD0KAmUJ

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Askupa Software

Dialog box reloaded! v1.1.0 features brand new design and more options to choose from! t.co/lOAbUUBRs1… t.co/ilM1gyWY7h

Single Tweet by ID

As of version 2.1.5, you can embed a single tweet by providing a tweet ID.

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Askupa Software

We've released Twitter Feed v2.1.5 with more media support, a new resource type and AJAX support t.co/j2RiVCxbXv #wordpress #plugin

Yoav Kadosh | July 15, 2015

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