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Twitter Feed Resource Example

Twitter Feed plugin for WordPress

The following is a live test of the different Twitter Resources that Twitter Feed supports. Currently, 8 different resources are supported in the commercial version, and more resources will be added in the near future.

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For the user: google

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@Strizyh Hi there. Just to confirm, did you try resetting your password with the steps on this page: t.co/58jfArmz4G? Let us know.

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@BABYMAMAMARIAH Hi there. Let's see if we can help. Look out for a DM with next steps.

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@duderbal Hi Chris. Just to confirm, have you tried following these steps to regain access to the account:… t.co/eyjP0wbDww

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For the user: IBM

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Evan Kirstel

Fake products? Only #AI can save us now. t.co/GBep1zCFPd

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luis hernan graffe


Retweeted by Duane Baker
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⋆ 𝓛𝓲𝔃 ⋆

My parrot likes Hyolyn’s SEESEA too and tries to hum it t.co/YPsvt8zeWP

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For the user: AskupaSoftware

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@AskupaSoftware Where would I be able to do that?

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@AskupaSoftware PHP Settings isn't changing the .ini settings that should be changed. How come?

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Barb Bowman 🌷

@AskupaSoftware any way for end users to develop new themes for the plugin?

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Barb Bowman 🌷

@AskupaSoftware that would be AWESOME. thanks!

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Barb Bowman 🌷

@AskupaSoftware also, there is a faint line that shows thru. on all skins. see t.co/5i4dS4hUGb - 1 of our b… t.co/mUlZj5q0AZ


The list WordPress Experts by the user @wpbeginner

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WordPress Beginner

WPBeginner Glossary: What are Permalinks in #WordPress - t.co/G8b46uLGE8

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Ben Wikler

“Kavanaugh suggested several years ago that the unanimous high court ruling in 1974 that forced President Richard N… t.co/0S6rGkafx1

Retweeted by Stephanie Leary
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Matthew Yglesias

The easy dunk is that FDR explicitly proposed a jobs guarantee; the advanced move is when you realize that during h… t.co/XO2f6AGRn5

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Caroline O.

So in other words ... collusion? . t.co/OzEGsGVbMi

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Citizens for Ethics

This week in the NRA: -Maria Butina is charged with espionage for infiltrating groups including the NRA -news break… t.co/4leSaeZjzG

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Search results for the query: #wordpress #php

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Vue.js Tutorials

Learn how to build a whitelabel vue.js app from scratch t.co/dLJSFr69nm #vue #vuejs #laravel #php #devt.co/i4nSjCUFmI

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Laravel Cameroon

Laravel OAuth Socialite pour Laravel 5 - Laravel Cameroon t.co/7DE0JFsvjf #laravel #php #oauth #facebookt.co/yi0h30bqbu

Retweeted by Dyos Deangey 📶
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Malicious Redirects On #WordPress Sites Or WP-Config Hijacking - Quttera web security blog t.co/u4ppZcON4O #malware #CMS #php


A list of tweets favorited by the authenticated user, askupasoftware

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Just discovered that Enscouto is a featured project on the @EnvatoMarket front page! t.co/WHLij1qrVM Thanks @envato

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Abu Ashraf Masnun

@AskupaSoftware I really love the plugin. Any ideas when Kotlin support might be added?

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Chris Palmer

@AskupaSoftware Your website link in Twitter Feed 2.1.11 is broken. It goes to t.co/4IW4aAN9Xu .. Figured y… t.co/Mq8dFUvoKo

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Askupa Software

11 Essential Checks Before Lunching Your WordPress Site t.co/4eRxKqnahQ

Show Media
Tweet Media
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Askupa Software

Good job @wordfence for discovering a hack that would've affected 27% of the Web via WordPress Auto-Update t.co/IAZD0KAmUJ

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Askupa Software

Dialog box reloaded! v1.1.0 features brand new design and more options to choose from! t.co/lOAbUUBRs1… t.co/ilM1gyWY7h

Single Tweet by ID

As of version 2.1.5, you can embed a single tweet by providing a tweet ID.

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Askupa Software

We've released Twitter Feed v2.1.5 with more media support, a new resource type and AJAX support t.co/j2RiVCxbXv #wordpress #plugin

Yoav Kadosh | July 15, 2015

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